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How the Jeeny magic works

Are you a curious person who wants to stay up to date with your craft? Or do you constantly strive to learn more and faster? Have you ever noticed yourself adding a lot of articles, books, and podcasts to your reading list but never finding the time to read them? Or perhaps you amuse yourself with content by reading everything half-heartedly?

Learning a new skill or expanding your existing knowledge is a challenge. One that can easily become stressful and overwhelming. When should you devote time to learning? What is the appropriate content? How do you find new information that you haven't seen before?

We at believe that learning a new subject should be as simple as possible for you. It should be appropriate for your situation and personal requirements. Nonetheless, you should achieve your learning objectives, be able to quantify your accomplishments, and be able to put your learnings into practice.

We believe you can learn anything at your own pace and on your own terms. So we make it simple to find relevant content and incorporate it into a fantastic course for you! Using Jeeny means experimenting with hyper-personalized learning methods that work for you.

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#1 Determine your Learner Style

Did you know that your learning behavior changes over time? You might have certain preferences for how to learn. Nevertheless, research shows that most beliefs people have about their preferences are wrong. You might learn better in the morning than in the evening when it comes to professional topics. You might prefer videos in the evening when preparing for a workshop. 

Identifying our own patterns is a challenge! We might not even recognize patterns. We believe AI can uncover the hidden patterns and make them obvious for you! So in order to start your journey with us, help our Jeeny AI to understand your current learning preferences, so that we can create your artificial journey. 

#2 Explore your results

Your learning style is as unique as you are, and it is determined by a variety of factors. Your outcome only provides a snapshot of your current learner style. Nonetheless, your results will assist you in understanding how to improve your personal learning experience and achieve your goals more quickly.

#3 Create and start a course

We are all victims of information overload. We frequently entertain ourselves with content, but we frequently struggle to recall what we've read and watched. Our brain is designed to conserve energy. As a result, unnecessary information will be removed as soon as possible. But we all have a bucket list of articles that we want to read and remember later. Jeeny will assist you in focusing on what is important to you. Simply upload your content to Jeeny and we will convert it into a course for you.

#4 Start learning 

“Learning” reminds most of us of what we experienced in school. Large classes, one teacher, frontal lessons and one size fits all content, boredom, mixed feelings, and desperately waiting for a pause to spend time with our friends. We at Jeeny believe that time has changed. We know you are unique. We know your time is limited. We know you expect fast results - and maybe also fun while learning. Good news for you: We have all the data we need to create your personalized learning journey. Take assessments, read relevant content and watch videos to achieve your dreams and goals. No learning journey equals another, each is special and will adapt any time we identify your preferences changed.

#5 We learn as well

We love technology and we believe that personalization is the future. We use AI to uncover the hidden. Based on your behavior our Jeeny artificial intelligence will adapt, so you can just lean back and learn - anything, anywhere, anytime.

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